Welcome to LSF 12 – Alpenzoo

Welcome to the LSF 12 – Alpenzoo

You can see Furries in the wild for almost 12 Years at the Lakesidefurs. And from 14th – 21st juli you can see them again at their Location between lakes and mountains in Faak am See.

There will be again two different hikings and of chourse a lot of Events, so that you will have a great time during the LSF. There is a big garden at the hostel, where you can chill or Play different games outside.  A special trip will be at the “Wildtierpark” in Feld am See where you can see different wild animals .

Our own cook will serve you a special meal during the whole con, which ich uncluded in the confee. But please tell us your  allergys during the Registration, so we can provide you allergen free Food.