The registration will open on 1st January, 2019

The registration includes all overnight stays, meals and drinks inside the house. Entrance fees, fares and meals during excursions are not included.
Towels must be brought by yourself.
Each participant gets a name badge and a sheet with informations about the Events.

Deadline of Registration:
Regular registrations are possible until the start of the LSF, assumed there are any free places left. However there is the risk of getting no Con-Badge od T-Shirt, if you Register after the 31st of april because of the printing und shipping.

The confee for the LSF is 35€ + 35€ for each overnight stay (that 280€ total, assuming you stay from 22nd-29th june 2019)
The pet fee for the whole week is 35€.

We will again design and print a coloured t-shirt for LSF Ironpaw. The fee will be 20€. Please state if you want a shirt and which size you need on the Registration form.

Cancellation policy:
If you decide to cancel your registration, you won’t be able to get a refund. But there is still the possibility to transfer your registration to another person. But if you do so, please contact the registration team for it.

Beginning of Registration will be announced