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The furry summer con in Austria!

2017 July 1 to 8

In 2017 we will be at the same location as 2016, a house near Faaker See near Villach in Carinthia, close to the Slovenian border. We have the house to ourselves, it is a former youth hostel where you have to bring your own bedsheets. The house is just a few minutes walking from a swimming place at the lake (which requires an entrance fee of 2 to 4 € per day depending on the time of the day). We have a meadow for outdoor activities directly next to the house.

We will surprise you with many activities in the house and in the region, but we also count on your cooperation, we will cook everything by ourselves as usual. Anyone who likes to contribute own events is invited to do so and only has to announce on time.

Photo: Thomas G. Graf

Lakeside Furs 11 starts on 2017 July 01 in the afternoon and ends on 2017 July 08 in the morning.

Registration, fees, cancellation

Registration is open since 2016 November 01.

The registration includes all overnight stays and meals inside the house. Entrance fees, fares and meals during excursions aren’t included. Bedclothes and towels must be brought by yourself.
Each participant gets a name badge and a brochure with information about the event.

Regular deadline of registration: 2017 May 31. If places are still free after that date, further registrations are possible without the possibility to order a T-shirt, without con brochure and only with provisional name badge without picture.

Con fee:
7 overnight stays: 200 €
(if staying shorter, 20 € less for each night not booked)

Reduced fee for early bookers:
If you book and pay before end of 2016, your con fee will be reduced by 30 € so you only pay 170 € for the whole week!

Pet fee: Up to 4 participants can bring 1 pet each.
7 overnight stays: 25 €
(if staying shorter, 3 € less for each night not booked)

T-Shirt: We will design and print coloured T-shirts for Lakeside Furs 11.
20 € (please state your size upon registration, can only be ordered until end of May)

The fee must be transferred within 14 calendar days after registration (SEPA transfer to Austrian bank account).
If this is not possible for any reason, please arrange another method of payment.
If the con fee is not paid on time, the registration is automatically cancelled (if any places are free, you can register again).
The places are assigned in the order of registration. That includes choosing places in a specific room.

Cancellation policy:
If you cancel your registration after transferring the con fee, you can transfer it to another person (please contact us by e-mail). If you choose a refund instead, the money will be transferred back within 14 calendar days, minus a cancellation fee as follows:
November to January: 10 € / February: 20 € / March: 40 € / April: 60 € / May: 80 € / June: 100 € / July: 120 €
If you cancel within a week after transferring the con fee, the cancellation fee will be reduced by 50%.


  1. Violence of any kind is unacceptable.
  2. The house has to be left in the state in which we found it. The party responsible for any damage will be held liable.
  3. We do not need to clean the house on the last day. However, in our own interest, please clean up any waste properly and don’t carry in dirt from outside. If anything gets dirty during the con, utensils for cleaning are provided.
  4. The maximum number of dogs allowed at the con is 4, dog owners must pay an additional fee.
  5. Participants are responsible for their own belongings. The organisers cannot accept any liability for damage or loss.
  6. During the convention, the possession, trade or consumption of any drugs illegal by Austrian law is not acceptable.
  7. The consumption of alcohol must remain within reasonable limits. Do not drink to coma or vomiting. The barkeeper has the right to refuse any more alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons. No alcohol will be given to anyone under 18 years. Those who bring their own alcoholic drinks are asked to donate them to the bar so that we can all take advantage of it and the alcohol consumption remains under control.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the house, but only outside and on the balconies. Smokers are asked to clean up their cigarette butts. Smoking is forbidden in the forest because of the danger of forest fire.
  9. As underage participants will be present, adult-only material and sexual activity of any kind are not permitted in public areas.
  10. During excursions please stay with the group. Should you get lost, please call us by mobile phone. Adult participants can split from the group and do their own thing, but please tell us before, so that we don’t have to look for you.
  11. From 0:00 to 7:00 please keep quiet and don’t disturb the sleep of others.
  12. Closeup photos of other participants are only permitted with their agreement.
  13. Underage participants (born after 1999-07-01) must bring a signed statement by their legal guardian and name an adult person in charge during the convention. A form will be sent after registration.
  14. By registering to our con, you agree that your nickname will show up in our public list of participants.
  15. The organisers reserve the right to expel anyone from the con who breaks these rules, greatly disturbs the convention, harrasses other participants or refuses to follow the instructions of the organising team.

Additional rules for dog owners


Address: Flurweg 12, 9583 Faak am See, Austria

GPS coordinates: N 46.566° / E 13.916°

The nearest train station is Faak am See, at 600 m distance (7 minutes walking). It can be reached by hourly local trains from Villach and some international trains from Ljubljana. Please check your timetable at: fahrplan.oebb.at


unci (unci@lakesidefurs.at) – Registration, payment, hikes/trips

Yukon (yukon@lakesidefurs.at) – Events and suggestions for activities organised by yourself

Lions_ (lions@lakesidefurs.at) – Finances, kitchen

Nyx (nyx@lakesidefurs.at) – Con book, drawings, shirts

Cray (cray@lakesidefurs.at) – Website

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