Welcome to LSF 13 – Ironpaw

Welcome to Lakesidefurs 13 and the first triathlon on a furry convention. Though instead of cycling, swimming and running we have thought of some not as exhausting activities.

The whole convention will be held from the 22nd to 29th June 2019 in Wald im Pinzgau, Salzburg, in Austria. Our hotel „Chalet Bergerblick“ provides space for up to 51 Attendees.

As the years before we will offer 2 different hikes, on of them will bring us to the Krimmler waterfalls and if the weather allows it there is the lake „Durlassboden“ about 9km from the hotel where we have free access to the water and even dogs are allowed to go swimming there.

Stausee Durlassboden

For all who wish for more action next to the two hikes you can organise yourself to groups and visit the „Aktivzentrum Zillertal“ where guided canoning, rafting or boat-trips are offered.

If there should be rainy weather it won’t be boring – we have two group rooms where you can play some card or board games or just attend to one of the planned SIGs. If you still want to go for a swim and the weather won’t allow a visit to the lake there is also an indoor swimming hall with a 50m waterslide and a big sauna arena.

And of course like the years before we offer some fine meals cooked in our common kitchen where everyone is encouraged to help. But please tell us before of any allergies so we can buy the right ingrediants and everyone has enough to eat.